Why does support hate me?

Getting the runaround on the return for a cooler busted in shipping. Sent repeated emails to support that detail a concern about repacking the item. A concern that I have repeated three times now and the response was “Let us know when UPS can pick up the item”. FFS.

What the heck Woot? I hate to do this publicaly but I’m about to go full Karen mode and start asking for managers and badge numbers. Hopefully ones who can read entire emails.

Please don’t make me leave Woot on principle! I like it here! You’ve treated me good for a long while, let’s not stop the music. Also, I wouldn’t know where to shop for my clothes anymore anyway.

Edit: My Karen disappeared :confused:

Have you called the police and reported to the government? If not, you’re not a true Karen.

@ThunderThighs will fix everything for you.

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I was going to go to the Secret Service first and escalate further if needed

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Oh, ok. Lol. I would get the fbi involved too.

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Sorry for the frustration. Let me check in with CS.

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