Why don't you ship to APO?

I am very disappointed as I have been a customer since 2007 if I remember right. I went to buy the WOOT monkeys today, but I received a message that YOU do not ship to APOs. I am very disappointed that those of us who receive USPS cannot receive the fun things you sell. This is a pretty big market that you are missing out on.

imma not sure if this is the most apropos answer to your complaint, but here is something i found:

mabe you could cultivate some friends in the non-apo world. ship it to them, have them re-mail it to your apo address.

You’re asking the question wrong. You should be asking, "Why won’t WOOT ship to our military folks overseas and aboard ships?"
USPS will even supply you free boxes.

Get Free Boxes

You can order free boxes, including the special Priority Mail® APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Box, and get them delivered right to you.

if the product is drop shipped then it mite be said woot isn’t doing the shipping at all.

You’re right. But those (and the really big items) would be the exceptions. What a great thing if WOOT could put up a banner that said, “Now shipping to our military serving overseas!” Hello Marketing Dept.

BTW: Yeah Mediocre Socks too.

I’d put it like this: There are a lot of companies that go out of their way to show their appreciation to our men and women in the service.

Not every company can. But who is Woot, right? Come on Amazon. Step up to the plate here. While you are figuring out how to deliver packages by drone ???, come down to Earth and help get these packages to our men and wonen in Uniform who give their lives for our Freedom! I’m sure you can do it. Period. No excuses!


manhandsha: How about doing one of your special B0C just for APO military members. Good test to measure the interest.

TT’s back from her staycation. Any way to run this up a flagpole to see if anyone salutes?

Long explanation…

I’ll talk to the bosses about BOCs.