Why I hate windows so much...


I had just opened windows media player and well… I’ll just let the picture tell the rest of the story. ( hope this is fixed now to where the picture is not too big.)


You might want to make that a bit smaller and try the link again…



Yeah, noticed that before, heh heh… MS questions their own trustworthiness. Ya’ can’t say they didn’t warn you.






That’s awesome! [:D]


that penguin looks kinda like Linux!


Its the concept that matters.


Just today I was telling a friend about how it drives me nuts when people make folder and filenames with spaces, and non alphnumeric characters in them.

His response that if Windows allows it, it must be okay.

My response was that Windows allows you to delete critical system files, is that okay.

He stopped talking…




that messes up windows? or do you just mean with URLs and so forth?


People hate things that they don’t understand- and that’s the whole truth.

The situation from the looks of it is that your Window’s firewall is not allowing the default exceptions- Do you need help fixing this problem (other than switching to mac)?


My problem with Windows is that I don’t have to be super psycho about my operating system. I mean, if I was a MAC guy I would have to be crazy all about MACs with Windows, I just get to be “Meh”.


I believe it’s more like,

Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t…


users of windows that hate it have “ID10T” errors, my computer only went down on me once, was Suse “linux” that caused the crash and loss of partitions on my drives.

as far as windows letting you delete OS files… any os will let you do that.

Mac users roles eyes
pay 3k for the same machine i can build via PC for $400
if you like Mac os so much just install linux, on a PC… such as Fedora 4… thats what macs os is just with a “candy coated” gui

“windows only crashes or messes up because the operator is an idiot”
a quote by me :wink:


not true -

As a programmer, I’ve seen too many patches that come out that crash a lot of what Microsoft thought was “cool”

Recently, a patch came out for the OS that shut off network shares of CHM files.

You know. Help files. Ones being utilized from the 32 bit exes that were running out of the same folder of the chm.

Instead of setting up a trusted network share from the freaking program they allow to run (that has full control over most of the OS) they shut off the help files in the same share. Cause they must be more dangerous than the exe… At least that’s my theory.

Dumb - Really dumb. they should of disallowd chm files from accessing files not included in the network share instead of just chopping off support for the feature. but then again, Microsoft has pulled some pretty stupid moves lately in many of the features they tried to lock programmers into using (don’t even get me started about HHC files)


Excuse me, you are a lemming who likes to cook and burn stuff. How can you program with singed paws?

I will now remove myself from the technical thread that I know nothing about.


dreamaster, she didn’t mean your food was burned, I believe. just an FYI, I don’t think there was any implied criticism of your cooking skills.

//sets fire to 64bit Windows Vista.


Speaking of windows…



No, I did not mean that DM burns food. DM burns stuff. I am sure that DM is an excellent cook.


I think that was what I said too!

//sets fire to dreamaster’s stuff. ;^)