Why I Have Been WoOt Lite: Bath Reno

Four LONG days of labor later, I am SO proud of our bath reno, I had to share.
We started with tired, purple and frilly. We got light, bright, contemporary cottage with poppy orange accents. And, if you read the comments on the pics - my ever-lovin’ hub BUILT most of the bath furniture.
One of a kind, baby, and allll mine!

Very nice. You done good.

Very cute! Want to come fix up my master bath? It’s horrendous.

I got the designs, but labor is on you babe - I’m BEAT. :slight_smile:

BTW - budget about 3K. Almost two grand went to buying the shower and having it installed. The rest was savvy shopping (E-bay!) and manual grunt work. And that beadboard? NOT. It’s paintable wallpaper.

lol, we need to start with a new shower, so that pretty much is why nothing has happened. No budget.

Woot wanta sell me a new shower?

Lol! Yeah, on sellout.woot, :slight_smile:

That would be better than shirt.woot, kids.woot, or wine.woot showers

Looks good! Nice cabinets!

tile is cheap. concreteboard is pretty cheap. grout is cheap. fixtures- pretty inexpensive; not thousands by any stretch.