Why is customer support so darn slow ? [resolved]

Bought an 8k Samsung tv took two months (!) and lots of phone calls and emails to see it delivered - the warranty was 90 days so I asked woot if we could extend or change the warranty and they said no.
I have been out 3100 bucks for two months with no tv in sight the tracking showed the tv did a grand tour of the west - so no one knows what shape it could be in - so with a few days of warranty that is pretty high risk.

And on the support email I mostly get crickets now. Nothing.

Is the support always this bad ? Some prev emails have had weeks between them or some replies come and no one read the history on what is going on… just last week one said call to arrange delivery after July 19 - well duh it was lost for two months. It’s just bizarre…

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I guess I will update this: yesterday after crickets support came through and resolved the situation for which I am grateful being out of pocket for $3100 for months…

Things could have been done better overall tho.

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