Why is it woot (sounds like suit) and not woot (sounds like foot)???


jess wunderin’


Dag! What a good question. You make a good point. I don’t know the answer to it but I will think about it.


WHAT DO YOU MEAN, sounds like suit? How the F do you know that? I always say woot like foot!


In my mind it sounds like “Sugar worm barf.”
Maybe that’s just me, though…


“Woot!” is an exclamation. Just try yelling it out each way really loud. For me, it only works when it rhymes with suit.


I guess another way to look at it… how do you pronounce other “oot” words?

Rhymes with suit: boot, coot, hoot, loot, moot, toot, zoot

Rhymes with foot: foot

Goes either way: root, soot


or why not w00t, since they also own www.w00t.com


Thank you.


I love revisionist history… those who win the wars write the history books.


we could do this fureverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and start getting personal, if you know what I mean, or just move on.

foot, woot, fruit, brute, suet, its all kind of moot since the word isn’t a real word, is it? truly?


This thread is weird . . .


Like the rest of em are normal…


It’s called, “Eye-run-knee”


serching google images: squashed eye.
: bloody knee

give me a little while (not really, have laptop with only Paint, and I aint goin’ there for anything less than a munkey.





Root rhymes with foot? Huh?!