Why is WOOT trying to emulate THINKGEEK?


Get original. You’ve even incorporated a version of Timmy the Sock Monkey.

Pathetic. Woot used to be good deals on items people want - now it’s just childish garbage.


Why don’t you have a real name?



can anyone enlighten me here? When were Mortimer and Monte first created?


At least 2010.




google says first searches for “woot monkey” happened in Jan 2007. Meanwhile, nobody apparently searches for thinkgeek monkey or thinkgeek timmy.


And when has Woot! ever shied away from “childish garbage”? That’s half the charm of the site, after all. :slight_smile:


Did you seriously join here just to trash Woot? I suppose everyone needs a hobby.

I had never heard of Timmy (I’m not a ThinkGeek user), but as others have pointed out, the Woot monkeys are hardly anything new. It’s been part of their branding for a long time. And, honestly, does it matter? It’s possible to like both sites or one over the other without making it a whole thing. Being loyal to one doesn’t mean you have to tear the other one down. Really, it’s true. I bet even Timmy would agree.


I’ll send you a picture later of my Timmy plushies. I have a regular one, and a zombie one.

(I’ve been trying to convince myself to get a Spock Timmy plushie.)


You should definitely get the Spock Timmy plushie. It’s only logical.


We LOVE ThinkGeek. They are geeky, smart, funny, and clever. We aspire to their levels of clever wit, and would love to go out for a beer with them sometime and talk about Doctor Who.

That said, monkeys are certainly not a new form of mascot. Indeed, a Senegal Monkey was kept by a ship’s cook as a pet in the 19th century and would be used as entertainment for the passengers. The 1905 book “A Little Princess” describes the rescue of a neighbor’s pet monkey. And, of course, we have all enjoyed the antics of Curious George since 1939.

All’s fair in love and deals. Looking at our sales stats, we seem to still get items people want from time to time. And yes, we also pride ourselves on our childish garbage. Several people in the office spent many hours yesterday coming up with poo puns (we should really bring back There Can Be Only Pun sometime).

Sorry you don’t find us entertaining! We are pretty stubborn though, and will keep trying to find unique and weird ways to keep people entertained while shopping for useless crap they don’t need. As a Wooter since 2008, that’s the Woot I’ve always loved and expected.


So true.
Wooster Rooster was just clucking the same thing this morning.
You are so wise for noticing this!



I think there’s clearly only one way to settle this:


Of course, Woot has two monkeys and ThinkGeek apparently only has one. So sad. But all’s fair in love and monkey fights. Let the poo flinging commence!


Look at the price though…


I know, right? That default username is hardly original, @Wooter378199047.


Maybe it’s their zip code and the last four numbers of their social security number?
Phone number and their age?


Be nice, friends.


Don’t stroll on in and drop a dook in the punch bowl if you ain’t ready to deal with some splash back.
-bsmith1’s granny