Why is WOOT trying to emulate THINKGEEK?


This woman sounds awesome, and this quote also explains a lot. :wink:


So, so much…


Could WootyBot’s quotes be updated to include some from bsmith1’s granny?

@bsmith1 Please please please share some more of your granny’s wisdom.



Those are adorable. Thanks for posting the photo. :slight_smile:

I do have to say, though, they don’t look much like Woot’s monkeys. And I’m guessing they don’t scream as you fling them across the room? Also, I looked up the Spock one and you definitely have to buy it.


For reference for others:



The true, honest to goodness, history of the monkeys is that a buyer for those places that give rewards if your kid sells a zillion dollars of something called one of our buyers. They had a truckload of screaming monkeys left over and needed to get rid of them. Enter Woot. We sold them. They were surprisingly popular. We started making branded ones. The rest is history.


I bet they were ThinkGeeks leftover monkeys in that truck.


On the positive side - at least woot wasn’t compared to Jinx… You know, Jinx is just the slightly nerdy twin of HotTopic.


When did this happen, though?


OMG this is GREATT!!!


What does it matter. We bought it because they were a good price. Not because Thinkgeek had a monkey. LOL


because if Thinkgeek was after that, I can give the OP a really good ribbing.


It wasn’t. ThinkGeek had Timmy in 1999.


We need themed Woot monkey plushies!

##### Still disappointed that I couldn’t buy the 3 piece collection of Mort, Monty, and B0C pillow, as I refused to buy 2 without the 3rd. Shame (for me) people thought that the B0C pillow was an actual B0C.


Actually, due to the fact that time is wibbly wobbly, ThinkGeek was inspired by Woot to use a monkey mascot.


I tried really hard to get Woot to make a Crapsmaster plushie after that one Woot live event a few years back. I wanted to be able to squeeze its belly and have it laugh like @Slydon did as the Crapsmaster. It would have been AWESOME.


Who is really using the monkeys better though?


It’s the screaming. From the monkeys, that is. It attracts attention.