Why Manhole Covers Are Round

But how do you stop the round monsters? Grates?

This is why you never flush your pet alligator down the toilet.

it’s to prevent the covers from falling in, in case anyone was wondering

o god the square shaped monster!!!1

But will they stop octagonal monsters is the question?

Obviously that round Manhole cover is NOT going to stop the carnage! That tentacled arm is poised to drag the next unexpecting human to his DEMISE. Muahahahahahaha

Well, at least this shows prospective employers that you’re creative!

They’re round so they can never fall through the hole they’re supposed to cover.

Love the monster face…very Kingdom of Loathing(in the teeth), but without anyone loathing. The tentacle does kind of worry me, but if it’s coming off my shirt, it’ll be on my side, right?

Why are manhole covers round?

F’in miracles!

How did those square-shaped monsters even get into the sewer in the first place?

Actually, my first thought when I saw this shirt was Pendants of Life.

Whooo, I wasn’t expecting this one to be first but I’m happy to see it here! Good job CMDixon.

I’m so happy this printed! So so happy! I always wanted my own cmdixon manhole! :wink: lol

Well, ya see, not everyone knows that!! Hence the shirt. With the job market SO bad, every little bit helps (and I mean both answer to the question and those cute little square monsters taking out some opponents).

This shirt is absolutely grate!

(Where’s my pun award?)

Wow, it’s like Thwomp from the Super Mario series had a baby with Cthuhlu.

So it could drive you mad… Then squish you.

Awesome good job. Buying one if it’s still around in the morning.

Fingers crossed

I think that all manhole covers should have trivia facts on them.

This shirt is teh awesomeness. I am so glad I wasn’t forced to go through with my pledge to boycott Shirt.Woot if this shirt didn’t make it through. The fact that it won = bonus!