Why no shipping to P.O. Boxes?

In this age of delivery theft, I like to have packages shipped to a P.O. box for security. Why does not WOOT allow for this? The last order I placed I was told “this item cannot ship to a P.O. Box. Please select a different address” So I reluctantly put in my home address. But guess what? The item was delivered by the USPS! So why no P.O boxes???

Hi there. We ship via UPS and they don’t ship to PO boxes.


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You must have missed it, but I stated my last order was delivered by USPS. I can send you a copy of the label if you need proof. So this order was not shipped via UPS. It would be a nice option of offer P.O. Box deliveries. I would even pay a little above the free shipping option if you did.

I buy a lot of stuff from Woot, frequently they use USPS but for any given order, they can’t guarantee it will be USPS because they also use UPS. I don’t think @ThunderThighs meant you any disrespect.

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So people can’t create bot accounts (with different addresses) to buy all the BOCs and $1 WTF deals.

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Oh? That’s interesting. Makes sense.

I mean, I always assume these types of things are meant to deter “creative” wooters…

Right, that’s UPS SmartPost. UPS decides if it they will deliver it themselves or hand off to USPS.

I hear you though and I’ve brought it up before… for many years actually. We don’t have a sophisticated system (like Amazon) that can choose the correct shipping method for the address. And USPS doesn’t come to our location for large pick-up.


Then there’s the vendors that ship from New Jersey or other foreign lands.

I’ve received FedEx deliveries from Woot vendors too.

We switched to UPS a while back. If vendors are using FedEx, it’s their own account (I think). :slight_smile:

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UPS, USPS, and Amazon Logistics has all delivered my Woot orders – sometimes before I even get a shipping notice from Woot.

So horrible that sometimes my items arrive so quickly! I miss the old Woot!


Would you believe August of 2019? I guess that’s been awhile ago though. :smiley:

No, I did not take it that way. I was just confused as to why my order was delivered by USPS, when UPS is the reported shipping company. Thank you all for the information. I was hoping maybe since we can log in with our Amazon accounts we would be able to use the Amazon shipping options as well. I just don’t like to have packages delivered to my residence at a time no one is home.

If you can arrange to speak with the regular route driver for your location. You can discuss final delivery and where to leave your packages. If the driver has been on the route awhile he/she may even have some good ideas of where to leave your packaget in a more secure spot. I myself have given the UPS driver permission to open the front door and leave my package to the left of the door. Keep in mind my neighborhood is pretty safe from burglars and crime. But we do lock our doors the rest of the time. Hope this helps

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With UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost, both can be delivered to a PO Box. Why is it so difficult to allow for this in delivery? I live in an area where I cannot physically receive mail at my home address. If I order something and it is sent USPS, it will be returned as undeliverable. SurePost and SmartPost both overcome this barrier by handing the package off to the USPS for final delivery so there is no reason not to allow PO Box delivery. Why?

I’m not sure but I think it probably has to do with how Woot’s shipping system works. They use various vendors who do their own shipping, things shipped via Woot itself (which I don’t think is much these days) is chosen automatically by a computer (I think, and it probably chooses whatever is cheapest), and the stuff of Amazon’s they sell is sent however Amazon feels like sending it (usually via their own delivery system).

That’s all just a guess, though, based on things I’ve read on here over time.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)