Why So Sirius?

Wanna know how I got these stars?

(Beautiful shirt design. :slight_smile: )

This is so doggone punny. Great design.

Beautiful dog shirt. This should make the cat haters happy.

Great halftone work!

Where’s the old record player?

Totes adorbs.

I would definitely buy this.

…on a tank.

I feel like this shirt flies over most people’s heads, despite its name. =\

Hey woot! Put this on dog shirt and bring it to the next level!

The voters went all out on the serious designs this week. I gotta say, my heart is inclined to the quirkier ones - but I guess that’s what the new Monday honorable mention print bonanza is for!

If it had three dogs on it, I would buy it.

When was the artist in my backyard? This looks exactly like the silhouette of my dog looking up at the sky.

I have a business called Dog Star Rising. I’m a dog trainer, pet sitter, behavior consultant. My logo is a dog’s head in profile looking up at a star. I had this order completed within the same minute I first came to this page. THANK YOU for this beautiful design that means a lot to me on a personal level!

Cut it into one - T-shirt material works great with pinking shears - I often cut off the bottom and sleeve hems so the edges roll, looks cool & less Sirius than a regular tee;).
I love this shirt but wish the dog was fluffier with pointy ears - My Bear Doggy was a Chow and would love it in his honor.

Why, is that Sirius Black? aka Padfoot?

Don’t mean to be that guy, but what is that Bump in the front for? I know it’s not his tail…

Yes - a dog shirt! We’re in for two.

Lovely starscape! Grats on the print- Nice run for the weekend. :slight_smile:

I’d guess tip of the hind foot.

This seems to be the lovely derby for me, with designs that make me want to wander around looking at stars and night skies.