Why the limited avatar selection?

I want to upload my own avatar. :frowning:

You can. Go here: https://account.woot.com/avatar

You’ll need to link gravatar, or fb or twitter, and then you can use that avatar.

You can upload you own avatar if you have it configured it correctly or have one already formatted - some of them require a specific size.

I would be nice if WOOT! would specify size limits so people would know what size if it is necessary to resize their image or graphic or what-not; but some are 80x80; some are 120x80, some are 120x120, various sites are differing - in fact - some are even automatic and will let you automatically adjust or move or configure it for you.

It’s a perfect square.

On your Account page, the size is 256 x 256 pixels.

The avatar on posts is 64 x 64 pixels.

Keep the proportions square and it should size fine.

Hope that helps!

Says the woman with the awesomely appropriate avatar.

I change mine out on occasion. I have her in costumes for various holidays. :happy:

I use Gravatar for this.