Why was 5 afraid of 7?

Joke is 789 7 ate 9 not 6 7 8 doesn’t make sense it not yoga backwards it’s just wrong I think unless I’m missing something which is possible I’m not that smart

me too - don’t get why he says 678. it’s some sort of inside joke or reference i don’t get, right? or is it just a typo on the shirt??

pliss to explain me thx.

ohhhh now i get it. Because he’s Yoda, he puts the verb at the end.

So instead of saying “seven ate nine” as in the normal joke, he would say “six seven ate” to mean “six ate seven.”

very very witty. well played, shirt designer, well played!

Closer getting are we, to understanding, hmm?

human: You say Six was consumed by Seven?
Yoda: True, Six Seven Ate!
human: Got it!
Yoda: The joke explanation out of it the fun takes ?

Thanks MDickinson and BJLevin! I couldn’t have explained it better myself.

Hey Woot, is this on brown or black? Mockup is brown but description says black…