Why Woot when you can Amazon?

What was the thought behind Woot as a separate entity connected to Amazon?
Why Woot when you can Amazon?

The better question is why Amazon when you can Woot.


Honestly, still wondering. What’s the difference in the retail mission between the two seemingly connected entities?

I think it’s a great question. Let me tell you my perspective. Not all of which is necessarily the opinion of my employer. Or my employers owner. Whatev.

Calling Woot a retail company is like calling Google an advertising company. Google makes its money from advertising, sure, but from a customer perspective that’s not why most people go there.

Woot does retail very differently from Amazon. I love Amazon because I can find ANYTHING. I am usually what we call a spear fisher shopper. I know exactly what I’m looking for and usually want to narrow down between options. That’s not what Woot does well. Heck, we don’t even have search and even if we need, 99.99% of searches would find nada.

So what’s Woot then? Woot is entertainment. Not like silly videos and jokes, although we have that too. But also entertainment for folks who like to find deals. People who pop over to Woot to kill some time, look around to see if there’s any particular crap today that they’re interested in, and if not, hopefully we’ve got something funny up here for once to get a chuckle from. Or a fun discussion over here in the forums.

Amazon doesn’t primarily appeal to shop for fun people, although they did copy our ideas a whole lot (Prime Day is a Woot-Off. There. I said it. They don’t even give us credit for the idea. Meanies!). But Amazon is great at being the everything store. Woot is the shop for fun store. And we do really try to make sure we have deals to appeal widely and get the lowest price on things even if sometimes we get undercut unexpectedly (which is why we have these forums too! Transparent, unfiltered commentary!). For some people, fun is coming here and telling us how much our deals suck, how much we suck, and how everything has sucked since Amazon bought us (although if you look through the forums, you can see people complaining about woot-offs being the worst ever even before acquisition).

Anyway, that’s our secret. We aren’t the same as Amazon. They’re far better at normal retail than anyone. But we’re trying to be better at being a fun place to find a deal, hang out, and kill a few minutes on the bus. Hopefully buying something from time to time so we can feed the kids.

Make sense?


Wouldn’t a spear fisher just look for whatever fish comes along and then spear it? I guess it depends on the type of spear fishing and whether you’re doing it for sport or for food.

I can see how a trophy hunter would be a more accurate analogy. You have a very specific outcome in mind, so you’re going to search for that exact animal/item before pulling the trigger.

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We also exist to annoy @bsmith1 but that was a late add to our mission. :slight_smile:


Is it true his rumored Woot branded cease and desist letter comes with a golden ticket and a coupon to get 50% off a $100 plastic banana?


Amazon is a marketplace which provides information and opportunity for transactions. You can get stuff from Amazon, often at a good price. Woot is an online community which provides the opportunity for engagement, humor, bargain hunting, mystery (what’s in this BOC?), misery (oh, so that’s what’s in this BOC), and the thrill of scoring a deal. Tomfoolery and shenanigans may ensue. In addition to getting stuff (u̶s̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ sometimes Crap) you get an experience while saving a few bucks.


Exactly. Much less words, much better explanation. :slight_smile:

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Ask yourself why you would use 6pm when you can use Zappos. But, why use Zappos when you can Amazon?


WOOT = DEALS (sometimes) Also BOCs.

But mainly BOCs.


Exactly. I don’t go to Amazon to hang out, get to know people, and buy random things for a dollar. I go to Amazon to get things I need. I come to Woot for fun, to socialize, and even to buy things sometimes. I bought three things today! Of course, I only spent five bucks total on those things but that’s Woot’s fault. And my previous two purchases were free t-shirts because of coupons from Twitter. And I have another $6 coupon I have yet to use. The point here is Woot’s terrible at making money. Wait, no. I mean, yes. But… no?


I shop at woot because my spouse has the Amazon app installed and gets order notifications.
Thanks, woot!


It’s like Costco where there’s 5 really good deals and the rest of the store is above Amazon price.

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I come to woot because the tshirt people get credit for their designs.


I come to Woot because unlike the crappy search results I get from Amazon, there’s not even a search feature here, so I don’t know what I’m looking for!

Except at catshirtswoot. That search works. Mostly. Sometimes.

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Same. Like a spear fishermen who doesn’t know what he’s looking for, I come to glance around to see if anything looks appetizing.


We sure speared that expansion pack…


It sure looked enticing, but once I got caught it I realized I was the one being lured.


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