Wi-Ex Zboost Cell Phone Extender PCS Networks

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Wi-Ex Zboost Cell Phone Extender PCS Networks
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Is this deja vu?

My phone is long enough

Will this work with the iPhone and ATT?

Umm… I could have been fading in and our of sleep this AM but I feel like I saw this before. :frowning: grr…

Does it work with a Mac?

Can you hear me now?

…of course I can, you have an extender.

Well, I feel ignorant, I never even knew such a device existed.

An interesting concept, but for $150 bones, I’ll keep my window seat.


“Sorry I didn’t get your call about the Henderson account late last night. I get such crappy reception!”


Nobody wants this. Hope they only have one.

Perfect for the phone with signal envy!

Does it work with an iPhone?

Yes, this is in fact deja vu.


Is this like the crappy tin I used to shove inside my razr or does it actually work?

MUST HAVE for anyone in Missouri or West Virginia.

so are teeth

$150 for this or buy a phone that properly works… choices, choices…

iPhone users…I just looked it up. AT&T sells a MicroCell for $200 that works with the iPhone, data and cell…just figured I’d throw that up there.