Wi-Ex zBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

Does anybody know anything this signal booster? I ordered one past April 1st and I have not seen or heard anything since.

Your best resource is to fire off an email to service@woot.com with your under number. (Which should be available under “My account.”) They will have the most up to date information on your order. Apologies for the confusion.

So nice and helpful.


Finally received mine on Friday, April 15, after a few e-mails to service@woot. Problem is, well, it doesn’t work. No extra bars, nothing. Info says if a green light shows, all is fine. I can unplug both the antenna and cable, so nothing but power, and it still shows green. Should show red. For $130, I also expected it to feel more… robust. Just cheap plastic. Of course, if it worked, I wouldn’t mind. Apparently the company doesn’t support it anymore since when I went to register this model isn’t even an option.
I guess it’ll go back next week. Sigh.