Wi-Ex zBoost Indoor Cell Zone

Umm yeah. Hope there aren’t many of these.

I hear ya.

The only people interested in getting this use AT&T



What does an AT&T customer hope for when they die and go to heaven?

Better service!

Why I have Tmo…

am i the only dummy in jersey still up on here?

Switch to Sprint today for just $99!

I read the funny write up and, I’ve got to say, I am looking for something to do just the opposite: to cause 13 year olds to GO on hunger strikes

This is a different unit than the one the link directs to. The one in the link provides a good signal for whatever is in the cradle, the one woot is selling provides a good signal to a much larger area. They work, too! I use one in my house. I now come inside to use my phone!

lol… true.

That is not true . ATT gave me a similar device. I now have 5 bars where I had only 2 in the past.

AT&T isn’t bad. I’m posting from my AT&T pho…

I’d be more interested in a cell phone jammer rather than something that will make the signal better.

Unless your on the edge of the signal and live in a house with stucco the Chicken wire they put up to hold the cement can act like a Faraday Cage so having a repeater inside would help.

I’m still not interested though.

And it says “New” and Woots is refurb. Sorry Woot, you got beat on this 1.

Id purchase one if it worked with sprint’s 4g, or even consider it if I knew for sure it’d work with sprint’s 3g where I need it at. Theres so many models on the company’s website though. Im not sure whats changed in the newer models

Call Sprint. Complain about the service/signal at your home. Threaten to cancel and they will send you a Airave for FREE. They will also waive the monthly fee. I did this a few months ago and it has been great. 6 bars on my EVO.