Wi-Fi Smart Plug Model OSHHSP

I purchased a pair of these smart plugs months ago - maybe more than a year - and failed to place them in use. Now I have a use for them and don’t know how to go about it. As I understand it I will probably need an app from the iOS app store but I don’t know what to look for.

Can anyone help?

A quick search shows this is the Ora mini smart plug. Look for the Jinvoo Smart app.

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Thank you!!!

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Is that computer printer tractor paper?

Too tightly spaced. Maybe extracted from a notebook? The music notes made me think player piano roll, but it’s not in the more current 1908 standard.



The final episode.

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Any which way, it’s cool that they made it.

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Shame I didn’t end up staying when they did the final work on the final episode.

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Not printer paper. It’s a sheet torn from a spiral notebook.

Bad form, I know, to reply to one’s own post; however, I can’t get JinVoo to work. I go to the Apple app store and get it. I then ask for a verification number. Apparently the verification number has a timed life, and by the time I receive it it is no longer valid. There is a very, very long delay for something that is probably an automated email generator.

So, what to do? Can anyone point me to a wiki that will walk me through getting these things to work? I’d like to get them on Alexa as well but have no clue where to start.