Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Your Choice

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Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Your Choice
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Ding dong!

Ohhh my god!!! this doorbell is so crappy!!! .
Some time ago I paid 200$ for it and never got it to work right, kept dropping connection and feels so plasticky, so cheap that button stopped working after 2 weeks, they asked me to return it and wait for them to analize if warranty was aplicable, if not you hay your return shipping, well and then they sent me another one that does not even work.
For the same price ended up buying the ring doorbell and OMG! what a big difference in quality and functionality.
I am not surpiced by the almost 100$ reduced price.

I’ve had one for over a year and it’s been working flawlessly. When someone’s at the door I get a notification on my iPhone, and if I respond I get the video right away. There’s a PTT intercom, too. Two minor gripes, the color is very approximative, and it’s 802.11g only, which is a bit behind the times. But it’s super easy to setup (took me 5 minutes) and it worked great for me. YMMV as they say. If you have a modern router configured to do 802.11n only, it won’t work.

These will be at the Dollar store soon. There dirt cheap to make.

I would not buy one of these (from anyone) till I could see it in person, installed in someone’s home. To get real time feed back.


I also had a bad experience with A Skybell - bad connection, constantly dropped, took way too long to reach my phone/notify me when someone was at the door (2-3 minutes).

But, mine was V1.0. I understand there may be improvements in this V2.0 model, but I never got one.

The installation video will scare you away!

So will there be a physical bell inside the house that rings as well, like a traditional bell alongside the app, or is it just an app that rings?
It would be odd if it doesn’t. I can just see me being in a plane with my phone off, wifey at home and mother in law ringing the bell for 5 minutes and no one answering!
On second thought, it would be cool if it doesn’t ring inside the house.

I backed this disaster on Kickstarter back when, and I am not surprised they’re dumping excess inventory. Total junk, from the mounting to the hardware to the app. Great idea poorly executed.

If it takes ME having to use a tool to get it working then I’m gonna stick with yelling…“Who the hell is it”? and looking out the front window.

Digital Doorbell Adapter

$ 12.95

The adapter will make your digital door chime compatible with SkyBell. Installation is easy and takes only 5 minutes. Includes: digital door chime adapter x1, blue connectors x2