Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Your Choice

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Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Your Choice
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Reviews over at The Home Depot

Why is this “not compatible with any samsung phone sold by Tmobile” ? What aspect doesn’t work?

Browsed around on the Amazon reviews and saw it confirmed by a rep. Another person said that “Apparently T-mobile is not allowing the 4g lte network to stream the video.”

I got this when it was on in November. I have been unable to get it to sync with my network. I am in touch with SkyBell support, and they have given up on my Android phone (Nexus 6 with Marshmallow 6.0.1), and want me to try using an ios device.

So in other words, it might work, but they can’t really support the current world of home networks.

I had one of these for approximately 24 hours before returning it - awful! Camera angle isn’t adjustable, notifications are spotty at best, and the mounting “system” is a joke. Avoid this one like the black plague.

I bought one over a year ago. It worked for about 6 months and then wouldn’t connect to the wifi. They wanted me to pay another $100 to replace with upgraded model. I had already spent so much time trying to get it to work and I didn’t feel like they stood behind their product. Wouldn’t recommend.

Actually I bought one of these recently and it’s not just Samsung phones. This thing does not work with TMobile at all!! Skybell Customer service told me it has something to do with how T-Mobile sends out their data. If you buy it will only work on Wi-Fi.

Will this work with any kind of door? We have a solid wood door, but what about steel or composite resin doors?

So if I get this and it’s not working what’s the return policy with woot on this device ?

This is a really low quality product. I have had 3 go bad in about a year.

These have a 1 Year Global Trade & Technology Corp warranty.

Additionally; you can always reach out to support@woot.com for help returning a defective item.

There is no app in the Amazon app store so mine won’t work on my Amazon Fire Phone or Fire tablet.

This turned out to be a not so good deal… The device warranty is voided if I try to connect it without buying a non-digital doorbell. They sell a $13 adapter which they said was a simple install. When it arrived it had obviously been previously opened and was missing wire connectors - moreover it didn’t fit my existing digital doorbell. Now they want me to buy a different doorbell and, by the way, the adapter is non-returnable. In my opinion this company is on its way out. Try something else.