Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Your Choice

Reviews over at The Home Depot

2.9 out of 5 stars at Amazon

Mixed reviews at Home Depot…

Anybody from the previous woot get one of these?

HOw useless is this for a house ? I will steal yours, rip it off your door.

If its like my Ring doorbell it will still record you stealing it, the video feed is sent to the persons cell phone, not stored on the doorbell so you would probably end up seeing yourself on the local news! :slight_smile:

Does it work through a windows computer or just a phone?

Does it get activated from sensor and then starts recording and uploading? Otherwise it can’t be recording 24/7 without in-built huge storage.

I purchased during the last woot offering. Definitely not ready for prime time. Save your $$ and buy the HD version if you want to buy one of these, as the 2.0 has a lousy camera. The recording only happens on demand, so many times when I view the feed, I get to see the delivery man leaving my driveway after they have already left the front door. The audio to speak to others is terrible. I’ve tried other devices as well, and right now I wouldn’t recommend any of them so far.

My wish list:
Must use existing wiring and power
ONVIF compliance just in case I want to add it to a security system
Doesn’t look bulky or look like a camera with a doorbell slapped on it
HD camera that notifies you immediately when it sees motion and has a wide enough angle that you can tell who is at the door

So far, I have yet to find the perfect device

Exactly. I had half thought of getting this for an upcoming relative’s birthday later this month. However, I seriously doubt this thing would last a week on her front porch before it walked off. That, plus the generally negative comments on here tells me I should pass on this deal.

Does anyone know if this works with an Android tablet or an iPad?

I’ve had version 1 for a few years as I was a crowd finder for this. Certainly far from perfect. The one thing I still can’t believe they haven’t figured out with this device is to take a still photo from the camera a brief moment after the button is pushed.

The motion sensing is far from adequate. Again - why can’t it take a still image when motion is detected - or shortly after.

Agree that these systems are far from perfect.

I keep wondering why no one has approached this monitoring methodology by using the peep hole existing in most doors. At the very least you’d have a view of someone approaching the door?

(Edit: Apparently “far from” was my word choice today. I’ll leave it for your snarking pleasure)



The company will replace the unit if it is stolen. How about that for a guarantee? You can find this 199.00 unit for about 160.00 new on ebay.

Im about to pull the trigger on the Ring. It also comes in more colors and includes a complete install kit minus the drill for folks who should call a handyman in the first place…If you dont already have all the tools/parts necessary to install this, you should have your “man card” revoked.

Keep the comments coming!

It works with both tablets + smart phones. Camera is not great, but it works.

Why doesn’t this have an app for Windows devices like mu Windows 10 tablet or my Windows Phone 8.1?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT BUY ONE. they are junk. Even with my AP within 10 feet of the doorbell, it was not functional (I got an image every once in a while). I ended up buying a competing product from another vendor, and it works far better.

Buy the Ring. It’s better. I have the doorbot (first generation before it was “ring”) and now the Ring. It’s good for a 2nd gen product. It offers motion detection and will take video if you desire. You have to buy their cloud based recording feature in order to get the video.

The only downside is it will take several seconds to ring your phone when someone rings the bell. Impatient people will have moved on, or are about to move on.

I was out of town over Christmas and someone from PG&E asked me to move my car. I had to apologize to him and say sorry I couldn’t move it right now… :slight_smile: was a pretty interesting exchange.

Doesn’t work with T-Mobile and didn’t work with my chime doorbell. $12.95 for an adapter to make it work… but it didn’t fit. They suggested I buy another door chime. The bottom line is that if it works with your carrier and you have a basic buzzer or ding-dong doorbell it will probably work for you. Otherwise, it’s useless.

Junk. The camera is terrible and if your lucky it will last for 6 months before it dies.

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Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Your Choice
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