Wicked Little Buds Noise Isolating Stereo Earbuds

Good deal!

In for three. Love the nylon encased cables, as I seem to be rough with cables and not even know! These make them last a bit longer.

I actually really love these. It comes with different sizes of buds to fit you perfectly.

I got these a while back. I’m using them right now. I like them a lot.

These are great- I bought 3 pair last time they were available on Woot and just bought three more. Very small, great sound and different in that the cord feels more like nylon string than rubberized wire. The cord doesn’t tangle!

Pretty decent buds, but there’s no indication of which is right and left. So play a track you know, and mark one side with tape, a sharpie, or whatever.

I’d be in for 3, except I already have 3…

I got 3 of these in a past woot sale, and I think they are worthless for music. No low end at all. Perhaps they would be good for audio books.

sweet phones. bought three pair and love them. still have some in box!

There is an indication as to which ones are right and left, but it’s printed on the little plastic jobbie that separates the wires.

I like mine. Of course, I have a preference for “brightness” in my music. These are also plenty loud, unlike some other yellow & black earbuds I wooted in the past.

Actually there is a “L/R” indicator on the plastic piece where the two cords from the ear buds come together.*

  • Oops, I hadn’t read through the other posts and I missed the fact that someone else mentioned this already. :slight_smile:

These buds require a break-in period to develop their best sound. Mine were horrible when I first plugged 'em in but have matured into quite acceptable for use at the gym. They develop their base over time.