Wii Monster 4X4 World Circuit with Wheel

Wii Monster 4X4 World Circuit with Wheel

I don’t see condition listed anywhere, but even new this title isn’t worth $20…


What about the included wheel controller? What is that worth?
The used gamestop price of $2.99 is game only.
Used one on amazon with wheel was about $16.50.
That comparison site you linked doesn’t work so well for games that include extras.

Read the title of the page, it clearly says “with steering wheel”

Woot’s is new with steering wheel, but your linked comparison site linked to many used ones without the wheel.

were you looking on the right tab? the sales are separated by condition. the “New Sold Listings” tab shows all the sealed with steering wheel sales

To be fair, the Wii Wheel is mostly a joke and you can find third party accessories that will fit your mote in just fine.