Wii U & Console Wars II Zip Hoodie

Bungled Bundle #1?

No Wii for you!

It’s gone before it existed.

Was that a joke or did someone really buy them all before the page even loaded?

I tried but no luck!!! You all are so much faster.

I just can’t bring myself to buy a bundle while I’m still waiting to see if the last round turns out okay in the end.

But WOW, this Wii U bundle price looks phenomenal. I mean, if you want a Wii U.

Come forward yee of great speed. I wish to congratulate you formally.

Well I already have a WiiU, but my sister is certainly going to have a very merry Christmas now.

Congrats to whoever got that one. You were fast.

It was available when I added it to my cart just to see if it was actually available! :wink:


It was apparently sold out in the first second anyway.

It was there, i was lucky enough to get to the order page, and hesitated for a second, then it was gone… I’m not in the ‘buy now think later’ mindset yet… %&^&

Was there only 1 or something?

Looks like there were 3.

Got one! WOOT!!!

It was already greyed out on my page’s menu when it first loaded and I clicked quick.

I didn’t actually want to buy it anyway, but wow that was fast.

Thanks I am still in shock that both this deal happened, and I was quick enough to get it. It’s almost exactly the euphoric high from a BOC.

Congratulations, to you, also!

You said you already have one. How much are they, regularly? (I’m too lazy to look it up)