Wild Anatomy

Everyone knows yours lungs are pink because they eat shrimp… DUH!

No wonder why my stomach’s been killing me.

More fun anatomy!

Snake small intestine and large intestine,
Flamingo lungs,
Cardinal heart,
Sparrow stomach and liver?

I take it the little birds are the stomach, since they seem a bit peckish.

LOVE this shirt. WHY YELLOW?! you’re killing me here.

Very creative. I like.

It’s a great design but can’t say I love the color scheme, yellow background, ugh.

Based on the bulge in the snake’s stomach, it looks like he’s been eating some “internal organs” already.

Haha. It is a body. Clever…

i believe so, or possibly sparrow stomach and spleen?

not kidneys?


This would be awesome if they made the game Operation with this shirt in mind.

“Someone get me an operating room STAT! I’ve got a bowel completely in knots and it might be a zoo in there!!”

Too girly…

With those snakes there, I fear for those birds’ safety…

What the hey? When’d we get avatars??

Wondering how many med students will be buying this…

I brought this shirt because I liked it, and for once, I wanted to be the first wooter to woot. I really like the fact that woot tells me that I hestitated for almost a whole minute because of flashbacks to my youth, where my mom used to tell me I’d look like a ‘black banana’ if I wore bright yellow. I am old enough to know that she meant to say that bright yellow looks frakking awesome against brown skin. I can’t wait for her to see me in it! I think I’m gonna call my mommy now! Just to freak her out for a bit as she takes about 46 seconds to wonder why the heck her daughter is calling her at one o’clock in the morning. And I will tell her that QVC is old and busted, and woot.com is the new hotness. Night night!