Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Wire

click on the community tab on the top right, it’ll bring up the list of all the prior woots, click on each one (one at a time) and scroll down a little if you need to see the price.

Go to blog-then the item- usually someone mentions the price

The product name grossly misrepresents the actual product.

There is no wire.

also adults while simultaneously eating pressurized Cheez Wiz.

Almost as good as the real thing! Or that’s what little Johnny said before trying to disarm that suitcase nuke that Jack Bauer was running away from…

Click on “community” then the item link, then the second post for every item has the price in it.

Department of Homeland Security brings to your home…

one is a sold item the other is a web site

Hey… new game show… This IS your Bag of Crap (woot-off)…

Jesus christ woody 2000+ comments and 500 ish woots?

looks like a bad version of Perfection…I hate that game.

check yur ankles

What? there both on a web site?

has anyone ever played this before?

I thought Wild Planet was for animals.

I think its time for another 1080p monitor…Or a television.

crosses fingers

Your username is very interesting. I can infer a few things from it.

The end is not as close as you think.

Legend has it that MacGuyver trained with this mythical game interface…

Yeah, 6 years ago and woot 1.0…Those were the days. Matt R. deleted about 15,000 of my posts. We got crazy back then. It used to be a contest for the most posts. I actually lost. to a kid from college that had 25K+ posts

On a plus note, only bought 38 items so far this year :slight_smile:

“Pull fuses to see if they are detonators or decoys”

That sounds like a great time!