Wild Sports Licensed GM Chairs



No Texas A&M? Fail.


Does anyone know where this is made? I know people who would absolutely buy one of these chairs (or maybe two or three!) if they were made not in China.

Geez, I feel like a broken record, constantly asking for country of manufacture/raging on China made products. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

No UVA, too bad :frowning:


Sweet - FSU is represented
Not Sweet - I’m too poor to afford.


I guess only people who root for predominantly southeastern teams buy these chairs. If not they would offer them for other schools as well.


I’m SEVERELY disappointed at Woot here. The MOST DOMINATE team in the 2012 college FB season isn’t here…


/Disappointed at woot


Without PennState, there’s no deal here…


<— add this guy to the “their home team didnt make the list” list… although In all honestly, i wouldn’t expect WVU to be on here.


Preach Brother!

Stay Calm & Johnny Football.


Aw, how can you have Carolina Gamecocks but no Clemson Tigers :frowning:
And I need a computer chair too.


Woo hoo! My O-State Cowboys made it. Ride 'Em! Now if I can just get HR to buy me one…


My thoughts exactly, then I realized these must be overstock from those that did not sell :wink: Go Tigers!


If you guys live close to Sam’s you may can get a better deal.


Be careful if you order the Kansas chair. It’s likely to just disappear between August and November.




Check in the shadow of the Texas chair. You may find it there.


These chairs are meant for an office environment which generally requires having a job. That’s why TAMU was not included.



Word. Johnny Football is NOT impressed. :-/


I know Indiana is non-existent in football but National Champs in Soccer this year and potentially National Champs in Basketball too; so where are they at?


Where’s the pot leaves on the OSU chair?