Wild Turkeys RULE

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

cool concept, love the “wild turkeys rule” on the cast, but really can’t see wearing this on a shirt

Well, I need this color blue shirt so why not. The design is… Different… Neat placement though, I’ll grow into liking this one a lot I bet.

The best thing about this shirt is the description - the whole bone thing, and Debbie Does Dallas.

I don’t get it.

If you don’t get it, imagine the people you see out and about and what they don’t get when they see you wearing this.

While this is a quite interesting idea, it’s a VERY weak execution. It’s way too big, way too awkwardly placed, and the cast graffiti looks way too precision. Just totally not feelin’ this at all.

Nice idea, but the break would actually be closer to the middle… no?

I can’t wait to see this one printed and actually see how well it comes out. I think curiosity played a big role in this one for me tonight. I think it will be hit or miss on the print.

Make it BIGGER. Can we get it bigger? I would buy three if only it were bigger.

I’m not even drunk and this shirt is hard to resist!

I love everything about this shirt.

I just can’t see wearing it.

I also am against all bones and bone related products. I WISH I HAD NO BONES!

Also I dislike the color…

… and the graphic.

/end typical shirt.woot commenter

interesting placement. that’s one ginormous boner.

ty, ty. i’ll be here all night. except i wont, b/c im sick and want to go back to sleep now.

Can I get this post on a shirt?

hmm…that’s a pretty strange shirt. i think i’ll have to pass on it though…

Completely unrelated to your post, but I just saw your store. holy hell at the George Clinton/Bootsy Collins one. WIN.

a very…progressive?..t shirt. i must say.

i like it.
but too wierd to buy it.

very clever, the blue may be a little much though

What meh said