Wild Zora Soup Sampler

Wild Zora Soup Sampler

I was interested, but looking closer I found things I didnt’ like.

  1. 0.5oz each… so pretty much like a tiny powder packet.
  2. Regular price $23.89 on Amazon vs Woot’s $21.99
  3. Amazon has 19 reviews, 4/5 star rating. Thing is, Fakespot gives reviews an “F” so not trustworthy.

#1 is the biggest “no thanks” for me.

I’ll pass.


I love the Wild Zora meat and veggie bars, so am willing to give the soup a try. Similar protein soups are $13 to $18 for a 7-pack, so this isn’t a bad deal.

Fakespot isn’t reliable. 10 of the 17 reviews are from verified purchasers.

Ended up getting these and trying them. I would have to say I am not a fan. Flavor is ok, but the little pieces of meat were chewy and I kept having to spit them out. Its more of a broth with some little pieces of meat and veggies. Not really a soup, to me. I did try adding the contents to a can of soup and it enhanced the flavor and gave it another dimension, but by itself, it is pretty disappointing. Might be ok in a emergency food pack, or for camping, but I would not have any other use for it.