Wild Zora Soup Sampler

Wild Zora Soup Sampler

I got some last time this was up, looking for some easy to eat keto stuff. (Worst part of a keto diet is the lack of stuff to just grab and eat that isn’t some form of beef jerky or another) and it’s kind of…meh. The lemon chicken soup was very LeCroix like ("Drink hot water while someone whispers ‘Lemon’ to a chicken in the next room), and the vegetables all sank to the bottom and never really rehydrated, kind of like soggy sawdust.

The picante beef…wasn’t. It was ok, but much like the chicken, very weak flavor and extremely tough vegetables / might-be-meat. I ended up tossing out the stuff that wasn’t broth because I didn’t want to spend the next week picking it out of my teeth.

The tuscan soup is ok, but it took two packets in one cup of water to avoid the LeCroix effect.

It’s not horrible, but I don’t think it’s worth almost two bucks a packet for weak broth filled with pencil shavings.