Wild Zora Tea, 12-Pack

Wild Zora Tea, 12-Pack

Seriously? Over $4 per cup of tea?!!! Hopefully Woot actually meant you get 12x12-packs? Otherwise this is the next best thing to just flushing down a few bucks every time you visit the toilet.

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No, it looks like it is over $4 a cup. For that type of coin, this should get you an awesome high, laid, and shave 20 years off you.

Yep. If I want to take out a loan to buy a hot beverage, I’ll just go to my local Starbucks. At least they make it for me…

This is literally 11.28 direct from manufacturer. Don’t give me that shipping BS. It ain’t $39 to ship a half ounce of tea. Get real

Hi all. Just got a correction that this was for 6 x 12-packs, not one.