Wild4 Dark Maple Syrup Quart, 2 Pack

Wild4 Dark Maple Syrup Quart, 2 Pack

If you are a Costco member, you can get 33.8oz containers of good quality maple syrup for $13 (so $26 for two, to directly compare to this offer).


$35. LMFAO :rofl: woot has no shame!

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I second this. Costco maple syrup is organic (if you care about that) and tastes great. I believe it’s amber, not dark as this one is.

FYI the color of the syrup is a result of the time of year/temperature when the syrup is taken out of the tree. Colder Temps means fewer micro organisms, clearer color and more mellow flavor. Warmer Temps means more micro organisms, darker color and more intense flavor.

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Yes Costco Organic Maple Syrup. $10 it is amber. Buy it all the time. A local discounter sells dark Maple Syrup for $15 same size mini jug and occasionally discounts it to $10.

$10.28 at Sam’s Club…Out of Quebec…Not quite as good as Vermont grade A…But for double…99% don’t even know there are grades…

This looks to be grade A…But is at a slightly less than “grade A” price…

I buy the Sam’s Club brand…never had a problem…and I live in Vermont…

As a NH resident with sugar shacks all around me this is stupid.
Grade A is light colored with delicate taste, Grade B is darker with a heavier maple flavor.
I always buy Grade B because I like it better and it’s cheaper.

The best maple syrup is the kind you have strain before you consume it.

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Ya live in a place where sugar shacks are overflowing and syrup grows on trees? Shiiiiiit… I’ll pay for shipping if you send me a bucket of the good stuff. :smiley:

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Yep, but around us, about $10 for a liter (33.8 ozs), at Costco, Sam’s, and BJ’s, for amber, early/peak season maple syrup (what most people prefer), in warehouse.

You better like heavy maple flavor and less sweet before buying two jugs of dark maple syrup.

There’s a new standard of grading system. All maple syrup sold in stores is now “grade A.”


Strain? Uhhh what are you straining out?

There’s no such thing as Grade B any more. It’s all Grade A now. What used to be called Grade B is now split between the darker half of “Grade A Dark Robust” and the lighter half “Grade A Very Dark Strong”.

Interesting stuff.

Before I lived in New England it was hard to find maple syrup. This would have been a fast buy. Now that I live in New England, I already have too much in my cupboard.

All those syrup rocks! Harvest those for the coldest of winters and don’t share with the presents around.

When I look at that, my taste buds rejoice while my pancreas recoils in terror.


Not the same brand.

So no syrup in the antarctic? It’s available every where else on the globe.

This was formally a B grade. The grade was due to the color, not quality. Now they add color/flavor descriptors instead of the grade. Why they even bother with it is ridiculous. It’s also misleading now since all are grade A, suggesting tey are the best you can get.