Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview Snorkel Mask

These things are pretty cool and work well in my experience with some light snorkeling. Price is the same as when they sell them at Costco(seasonal), which is pretty good

Some people think these cause drowning. They probably don’t, but worth investigating before you buy and especially before you use!

I have wanted one of these for a while, so that comment was interesting.

I guess this isn’t the best choice for my intent (swimming laps - guess I will continue to use my dollar store snorkel until I can get one of the fancy swimmer ones), but other than that, it mostly seems to be a simple quality issue - i.e. no different than any other item with a bunch of knock-offs.



I have two different models that I got on Woot. They work well. You need a minute to adapt. The first time you dip your head underwater and try to breathe the mask tightens against your face. Some people might panic.

I don’t see why you couldn’t do laps with it. As you exert yourself, you breathe harder and the snorkel should work better.

The reason they are said to be associated with drowning is because they are harder to clear of water if they leak/flood when compared to a normal mask, which can cause panic and aspiration because the mask also contains the mouhtpiece. Also, they have more dead air space than a simple snorkel so rapid shallow breathing in near panic can cause rebreathing. Several Hawaiians have referred to them as “tourist killers.” I think if one practices flood/clear drills in a pool and isn’t prone to panic (experienced snorkeler/diver) then they are just fine. Not the best choice for a novice.

ROTFLMAO. You know, the volume… the fixed-diameter tube… uh, never mind.

Finally, a mask so the less intelligent can ALSO enjoy snorkeling.

My .02; these makes are great for light weight snorkeling. On our last cruise, rather than using masks 500 other people used, we purchased this type of mask for us and the kids. Nobody had any issues with them and the kids liked them better than regular snorkel gear. We got ours at Amazon for $20/EA and all five worked great. I did not feel the claustrophobia that I feel sometimes with regular gear. As for them being unsafe, anything can be unsafe if not used for it’s intended purpose or if the user is (fill in your own adjective here)

A really big issue with these masks is that you can’t equalize pressure in your ears. You can’t go deeper than a couple of feet. Not for real snorkeling but OK for splashing on the surface.

The issue people have had with these masks is that they just breathe regularly. You need to take regular, DEEP breaths with these masks. You need to evacuate the cavity completely… But more importantly. You need to take a DEEP breath in to compensate for the fact that the first significant portion of the air you take in is from within the cavity of the mask and snorkel… Which is comprised largely of the air you just exhaled.

Adults and children who have used these masks and not known this have asphyxiated themselves. Which is why they’ve been reported as drownings.

But if you know this, if you adjust your breathing accordingly… It’s a fine mask for puttering around a pool or light surface snorkeling.

The rest is understood. No diving with this on. There is no way to equalize. But other than that it’s a good mask.

Worst price I have seen for one of these masks. On sale for less than $30 at most retailers.

As a diver, I just don’t see the need for something like this. You can get a regular mask snorkel set from cressi for under 40 bucks from leisure pro. That way if you decide you want to go down more than a couple of feet at some point in time you have one less expense.

No, go on. This is a safety issue, so you should explain for all of us to benefit.

My limited experience is that one might breathe too easily, and not clear the snorkel. Doing laps, presumably, one would breathe a little harder due to the exertion, so that clearing the snorkel shouldn’t be an issue.

What was your point about volume, fixed-diameter tube?