Willapa Hills Farmstead Artisan Cheese - 3 pack

Willapa Hills Farmstead Artisan Cheese - 3 pack
$29.99 + $5 shipping
1 8oz wedge Big Boy Blue
1 8oz wedge Two-Faced Blue
1 8oz wedge Pluvius

cheesy website

cheese! yessssssssss!

But…each wedge is $20/lb ? I understand that artisan is not Kraft industrial guvmint cheese, but…

However, since a meal without cheese is not a meal, I’m willing to listen to anyone who’s got a history with this. Talk me into it.

Otherwise, I can’t find another site on the Internets that offers it for sale for comparison.

MMMM… cheese!

In for one. Every single cheese I’ve ordered from woot has been great. And I have to say, this looks pretty darn good too.

Uh, no, that’d be $30 for three wedges, not including shipping.

$30 for three 1/2 lb wedge = $10 for each 1/2 lb wedge

So, each wedge is $20/lb.

Looks like your college owes you a refund.

Are these made with pasteurized or unpasteurized milk? My wife’s a bit picky about that since her baby book told her to avoid cheese made from unpasteurized milk while she’s pregnant.

Each wedge is half a pound so that is indeed $20 per pound

Good evening (or morning?)! This is Stephen and Amy of Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheese - we are cheese makers, dairy wo/men, shepherds and shepherdesses. We are happy to entertain any questions you may have about any and all of the above. We are in the midst of lambing (20 down, 160 or so to go!), so if there is a bit of delay know we will return as soon as the ewes allow us to. Thanks for taking a look at three of our favorite handcrafted cheeses!

All our cheeses are pasteurized.

Love cheese. love blue cheese. no brainer.

Thanks! Totally in for one, then!

All our cheeses are pasteurized. We have a 100 gallon C. van Riet vat pasteurizer that has been doing a fabulous job for us since our creamery opened.

Greetings Willapa and so glad to see you posting. Maybe you can help me know what I’d be buying here. I’m a big Roquefort fan, got hooked on G. Coulet while in Paris a few years ago and nothing in my Blue world has been the same since. If you are familiar with Coulet, I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts regarding a comparison of your lovely sounding Blues to Coulet La Petite Cave. I served it room temp, with butter knife to spread it since it was so soft, buttery and creamy, on bagette. It was HEAVEN and these sound like I just might be able to recreate the magic for my father’s birthday.
So so glad to see a blue here again!

Wow! you actually have sheep!? Amazing…

Do these cheeses contain animal fat or other animal products other than milk?
They look delicious!

Are the cheeses vegetarian? (i.e. animal rennet?)

Our flock is made up of about 180 dairy ewes and 10 dairy rams. They are Lacaune-East Friesian crosses. The East Friesian is the like the Holstein of dairy sheep - high production (compared to other sheep), but lower fat. The Lacaune is a French breed from whose milk Roquefort is made. Their milk has higher fat, but they produce lower volume. By cross breeding the hope is to get the best of both breeds. Dairy sheep genetics in the US are pretty weak (very short history), but in time we all hope to improve them. Last I heard there are roughly 250 commercial sheep dairies in the US. A high producing cow is roughly comparable to 25 sheep. So when I milk 150 sheep this year, that is like milking six cows. Needless to say, milking sheep is not for the faint of heart!