William Bounds Pepper Mills

How often do you use your pepper mill? And if you don’t have one - which of these are you thinking of getting?

I’ve got a couple grinders like the square acrylic ones. I actually put magnets on the side and stuck them to my vent hood for easy cooking access.

You lika da peppa?

I love fresh ground pepper and use my mill all of the time. I don’t even keep pre-ground around anymore; it just isn’t worth the 3 seconds you save by not having to twist a mill.

There are only about two or three big pepper mill manufacturers in the world and William Bounds is one of them. They are known for being pretty high quality, even the acrylic (clear plastic) ones. That having been said, I trust wood and metal over plastic for this kind of application.

An important aspect for me is whether the grind granularity is adjustable. I one of those odd people who likes a really coarse grind, so I like an adjustable grinder. I’m not sure if all of these are adjustable or not.

I’m going to buy a pepper mill just because the “Bound” joke made me laugh!

“no, Mr. Bound, I expect you to grind!”. Best. Woot joke.ever.

Can anyone comment on their “unique milling mechanism which operates by crushing rather than grinding the salt or peppercorns”. Like dose it produce a consistent grind for all sizes? Last over time?

I find mills to be so frustrating. Finding the combination of grind consistency, grind adjustability, ease of use, durability, and cost is impossible. The main thing focused on is usually aesthetics which is at the bottom of my list.

I honestly don’t know why its so hard, I mean it’s not like the burr grinding mechanism has been around since 1874…

Sounds like marketing hype to me. The all do a bit of crushing before they can get to the grinding. Just like making big rocks into little rocks.

Just bought the Walnut Pepper Mill.Been looking at it for two days,thinking should I buy this,their was something about these I love,I guess when you go out to eat,and the waitress comes over with the Pepper Mill and does the grinding,it just seems so cool,now I will have are own.

Everyone needs a peppermill…much more impressive than ground pepper in a pepper shaker. The sight of one in your kitchen or on your table instantly makes you look like you’re a good cook (even if you’re not).

All the time at home and if we go out of town staying in accommodations that have a kitchen or a kitchenette, we pick up the disposable ones at the store when we are getting other groceries. You get used to it and you are just not going back to a pepper shaker. If you don’t have one, get one or at least buy your pepper in disposable mill containers. You won’t go back to the ultra fine and much less tasteful pepper shaker either.

These are very poor quality grinders! After 3-4 months of regular use the pepper grinder barely grinds anymore. A complete waste of money!