Williamsburg 400TC 6-Piece Sheet Set

I have purchased multiple sets of these sheets, they are wonderful!

  1. They FIT my bed.
  2. 100% cotton (they do not make me sweat).
  3. Sturdy, not cheap thin material.

Really good stuff!

I’ve also bought these sheets multiple times. They are wonderful and even cheaper now (I paid $39).

Also the top sheet of these is the correct length. It’s nice and long so you have plenty to tuck in at the bottom and fold over at the top.

Best sheets ever!!!

Please… what is difference between King and Cal King ?

About 4" both ways.

Are soft or scratchy?

We bought two sets and are sorely disappointed at how wrinkled and scratchy these sheets are. They haven’t even been placed on a bed yet until we lick this problem. And I so wanted the sheet sets and to support Williamsburg; sad.

My two sets are extremely scratchy. I just posted a review.

Good cotton sheets get softer with each wash.

I washed mine with baking soda and cold water the first time, then again with soap and warm water before I used them. They’re wonderful and not scratchy at all. I had a hard time getting up and out of bed the first morning.

I’m getting more.

California King has a longer mattress than a normal King size bed. You’d know if you purchased a California King.

Do you like sleeping on sandpaper? If so, these are the sheets for you. I tried washing them first but they’re still like sleeping on a burlap bag with a layer of sand.

I do not believe that these are 400 thread count.

Do the twin sets have two flats, two fitted, and two pillowcases?

No, it’s a 4pc set - flat, fitted, and 2 pillowcases.

Oh wow. I got these in the mail and they had the worst smell. They smelled like bug spray or something. I’ve washed them three times so far and most of the smell came out, but these are awful. They’re not soft at all. They’re very scratchy. I’m going to try to sleep on them for one night and then figure out what to do with them from there.

Just got a set and have washed them one with fabric softener - so far they’re still pretty scratchy - will wash again and hope they improve.

Just got a set and washed them - they still have a funky smell and are scratchy. Will wash again and hope they improve or it will be thumbs down for this set.

Go look on the Williamsburg site. They’re not even listed there. More false advertising. They’re 400 CT cotton. They’re not going to be soft. This is Walmart quality stuff.

Washed them upon arrival. They are NOT permanent press and will wrinkle badly if you leave them in the drier.

Quality, very good.
Color"BRIGHT white
400 thread count is very strong, no need for higher thread count
Perspiration: Not a problem with Cotton 400 thread count which breaths unlike the higher thread count sheets

Use: California King Water bed.
Fit: Excellent, pockets are deep enough for full depth mattress.

I think there are four pillow cases.Waterbed sheets are well over $100-$150, this is a deal.

Would buy again with no reservation
WOOT shipped quickly.
BTW, the plastic case they came in is a great craft item for grand daughters to make something for their dolls.

Google: King vs California King

To the reviewers who have have described these sheets as being too “scratchy,” I would say have you never slept in a 100% cotton sheet before - go back to micro fiber.

I love these sheets. The have a crisp heft to them that keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm.