Willow 18" Lantern with 11" Glass Insert

So much for the sheets.

I’m sensing a Willow woot-plus coming soon…

What is with this ugly willow stuff? It keeps appearing in various shapes and products. I’m really surprised anyone is buying it; if you are, my apologies for calling it ugly. Woot - was this created by a stockholder or the CEO’s mom, or what?

Before or after Galt Woot?

Somewhere on this planet there is a bamboo and willow forest weeping.


I TOTALLY see what you did there…


They bought the warehouse for pennies per ton. So it’s sorta like woot spam. Even if one or two people per thousand bite, they’re gonna make money hand over fist. That’s my theory anyways

The lantern would be usefull for survival purposes providing candle light after a hurricane.

Thank you for getting it!

On the theory that it never hurts to ask, how about an OXO kitchen tools assortment? I could really use a veggie peeler, potato masher, whisk, etc…

Pier One Imports

This place has everything…

Heck yes! Ditto.

I offer my apologies for this posting. I still think the product is ugly, but I should not have said anything about the person or business creating it. Kind of rude of me to do so. Sorry!