Willow 19.5" Round Plate with Domed Lid

Ok What is it with all this ulgy willow stuff?? this looks like a hat

Didn’t Vincent van Gogh wear one of these on his head in a self-portrait?

A “must have” gift for your artist friend.

sets it in front of you and lifts lid

Your Hot Pocket, sir.

ok, who broke this basket? this was a perfectly nice basket until one of you broke it. no My Little Pony for anyone until i know who broke this basket.

Worst kind of garage sale crap I have ever seen on Woot!

Is there a buyer at home woot that has a wicker fetish?

How is the Woot warehouse not a fire hazard with all the kindling they seem to have lying around to get rid of?

And what is it with Galt and rustic materials? Wicker, burlap; are they just overpriced cheap stuff?

This kinda has a “Children of the Corn” vibe to it.

Next up:


Thank you so much for that image. I hope those are lined or they’re going to be way itchy. I suppose somewhere out there is a fetishist that likes itchy undies…

Creative, very creative. Loved it until I thought of how many fabric softener sheets would be needed to make them wearable.

And there’s…MORE WILLOW!!

Looking at that picture again (it’s mesmerizing, what can I say?), I am horrified and amused to see what appears to be lace trim. Double the itches; double the fun!

How many softener sheets did you decide it would take?

I gave up. Was afraid my daughter would think they were still “granny pants”–even though they have lace trim!

Will someone please just hurry up and purchase the rest of these for:

a) their grandmother and her nursing home friends
b) secret santa gifts

So we can move on to the next woot???

Get her this to match’