Willow 19.5" Round Plate with Domed Lid



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Willow 19.5" Round Plate with Domed Lid
$9.99 + $5 Standard OR $22 One-Day OR $19 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Previously Sold On 10/24/2012 for $14.99 (Woot-Off)


this can also be used as a hat


I’ve watched too many horror movies. Pass.


You can do your own food challenge like on Survivor.


WTF? This looks like something we would make in scouts to give to parents to justify our existence. It doesn’t look secure enough to even keep the flies out.


Jesus this is lame


I was thinking about making a Survivor reference! More for the auction event though since there hasn’t been a food eating challenge in a long tome.


That’s what I meant. Couldn’t think of the name. Should have just hollered up to my son to ask him.


I am just perturbed that they stopped the food eating challenges, those were usually entertaining in a fear factor sort of way.


I liked them except for when they did that cows blood thing. That was weird and not in a good way.


just got a cancellation email from woot… dang, and i really could’ve used these!!!