Willow Cloche with 11" Square Base

Can this thing catch mice? Will there be cheese in wine woot?

Cloche, but no cigar.

I cannot think of anything that anyone needs less.

A hernia? But apparently, someone in Nevada is in desperate need of kindling…

Is this what they used before the modern plastic cat carrier?

Dear god. There’s 50 of these.

Shouldn’t this be listed under Woot Kids!

This is so lame I can’t even think of anything witty to say. It’s not even weather resistant, so you can’t use it for its intended purpose of plant “covering”…

Let me know when they start selling hernias on woot.

I don’t think kids even want this.

Maybe if I get it the cats could use it to catch the squirrel under our fireplace.

I know why the cloched bird sings.

How did you figure out there were 50?

Nah…it’s made in China…

A Google image search of willow cloche shows a similar product as a bread display.

I agree that it still fails the protective concept. All I see going for it is that some may consider the cloche/bell shape in willow to fit their aesthetic.

What, you missed it? I thought about going in for two but then realized that might be more than I need…

Math. There were two buyers, one bought two, the other bought one and the ticker said 94% left.


It’s not whether the kids want it, it’s whether they can escape.