Willow Crest Washington Riesling (6)

Willow Crest Washington Riesling 6-Pack
$64.99 $114.00 43% off List Price
2012 Willow Crest Riesling, Yakima Valley
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I’m thinking off-dry or sweeter.

SoCal #40?
Winery participation?

Is “Washington week” going to be only Precept wines??

So join or create a WW Gathering!

Didn’t get sent to us.

I believe so.

no Ohio again, used to always be able to get wine delivered in Ohio, not sure what changed.

Each winery must have a license for Ohio. It just means that this winery doesn’t have a license. Nothing else has changed. Sorry.

Ohio is a tricky one. the main reason wineries don’t have a license in ohio is there is a volume cap on winery size.

I believe it’s 100,000 gallons produced per year.

so multi brand wineries like: don and sons, Precept won’t ever be in Ohio.

dumb rule.

27 g/l would put it at medium sweet.

Yes, at least judging by the rat bottles from SoCal #40

Hey all, we had an error in the pricing so it’s now $5 less.

If you already purchased, that money will fly back into your packets soonish.

I have a bottle at home. Will rat later today

You son of a …
Somebody was holding out on us. :slight_smile:

brilliant. Written by either a real Washingtonian or a clever Californian with good alphabet skills.

Yup I knew it!! the man has a history :slight_smile:


Rushed home to crack (unscrew) a bottle of today’s offer.

Color: clear with a touch of gold

Nose: stone fruit-peach or chabacano, lemon zest, lavender, crispness

Tazte: peach, honey; semi sweet but not at all cloying. Nice acidity to balance the sweetness

Not a fan of Reisling but really digging this one. Very tasty and well balanced. Would go perfectly with spicy foods but great on its own. A crowd pleasser for the non-drinking wine crowd but will also appease the snobs :smile: A step above Pacific Rim line of Reislings that can be found for $10-$12 everywhere.

Great price at $11 delivered.

Oops! See gatherings tab :grin:

There he is! Nice work.