Willow Structures

Oh, my…

$600 for a 9-foot “tunnel?”

$400 for a 6x4-foot “teepee?”

Hey, Woot, good luck. I hope you sell a bazillion of 'em!!

This is the most ridiculous price I have seen in a while …

i think woot misplaced some decimal places here… no thanks

Neiman Wootcus?

Hey Wooters!

Baby buyer here jumping in, because I’ve actually seen these amazing things in person. They are super cool. Super cool is an understatement. They are AWESOME. The structures are hand woven with a steel base, so they are high quality structures that are extremely durable.

Hey - you gotta use that tax return money for somethin :slight_smile:

Yup, something more fun, Look what I got for that kind of money, and my kids are going crazy! I dont think they will ever have as much fun as they do with these willow structures.

bounce castle for 150

a wooden playhouse for 200

an Intex quick set pool at my local walmart for 119.

And a stainless steel grill at lowes for 150…

sooooooo yeah, thanks but no thanks

These are just spider breeding grounds!

We built some maze walls out of 2"x 2"s and some craft paper - then you can’t actually see through the walls and can really play hide-and-seek. Much cheaper and waaaay more fun!

Betcha’ Gwyneth Paltrow has one of these in her back yard. Just sayin…

Five different choices, ranging from a ridiculous $399 to a mind-boggling $999…

Been on sale now for 7 days…and have sold exactly one.


Whatever happened to the Woot that had no problem pulling something that wasn’t selling? Apparently, the “new” Woot is content to cram this crap down our throats…

They’d have more fun and learn more if you just gave them a bunch of sticks.