Wilson 12" MLB Baseball Glove

no gloves for leftys?

Knowing absolutely nothing about about baseball gloves… I guess the 12" size and “ages 8-13” means that this is a child’s glove?

Got these during the regular season. They are adult size, all leather so far as I can tell, and they have a “staff” insignia on the inside. Perfect for intramural league keg-ball.

Never any love for us lefties!

Yeah I could really use a new lefty glove

Not sure why the 8-13 year bit is there. A 12 inch glove should be Ok of high school on up. 12.5 inch is the limit for MLB outfielders, any bigger and you are talking softball.

I have pretty big hands and this glove fits me well.

I bought one of these in the last woot-off; they are a little small (even for me, and I have pretty small-to-average size hands). Not completely bad, though. I can still play catch with it just fine, but definitely don’t expect this to be good for playing the outfield.

I too am kinda worried about the 8 - 13 age listing? You have this exact glove? I also have large hands.

I have this exact glove. I am a lady with small hands (S-M glove size) This fits me fine. Was intending on breaking it in for my son when he turns 9 and starts little league. It is a nice looking, all-leather glove.

Yes this is the same glove as before. I suppose I would place it at a medium adult size. Sorry I can’t be of anymore immediate help

In for one. I play softball and have a decent size to larger hand. I will let everyone know how it fits, etc.

The glove actually measures less than 12". It’s a decent fit for women and young teens.

Several eBay sellers call this a “youth” glove as well… Maybe I just like em snug?

I had bought two of these last time they came around on Woot. Gave one to my wife, and the other to her friend. I have average hands for a man, and this glove was small.

Where did you find the 12.5 inch limit. According the official MLB rules it is 12".


My right-handed son already has a glove. My left-handed son still needs one. Where is the option to choose which hand it is for? :frowning:

Bought 2 last time hoping that they’d fit my small hand, but they were too tight. Definitely a prepubescent childs glove. It’ll fit a person whose hand measures less than 7cm across the knuckles. I ended up getting rid of the gloves.

pix of the glove

So got my glove. It plays smaller than a normal 12" glove and fits snug for my hand. I think some of you failed to realize there are laces for a reason and that reason is to loosen the glove up. Once loosened, it fits nice a snug just how it should for my taste.