Wilson Harmonized Mallet Style Putter - Right

Is Amazon redefining a new meaning for Lightning Deals here on Woot?

Is this the normal speed for woot-off?
This is my first time

Won’t Wilson be looking for his putter?

These items sure are going fast.

Elin approved!

Can somebody please tell me how much they sold the blue microphone eyeball webcam for? Thanks

now I can breathe. this one sucks

i misread at first. I saw mullet style insteaed of mallet style. lol

wtf is this

putter got back, extreme back

Nope, not normal at all. This appears to have become a lightning Woot Off

This woot-off sucks!!! Selling 1 of an of item is ludicrous. I like the old Woot much better!!!

I don’t know how many woots are left in me… they keep throwing these 1-woot ‘wonders’ if you can call them… at us. I’m worried about the bag of crap.

i think like 20

Dear Woot,

Stop selling 1 item.



yup $19

usually it’s a lot slower