Wilson Harmonized Putter

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Wilson Harmonized Putter [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Wilson Harmonized Putter

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I like mallet style putters, and this is an outstanding price, but the brand WILSON has never impressed me with any of their golf equipment.

The entire set would be PERFECT for my next game of Zero-G Future Golf!

In for 3 - I’ll pick the 1 I like and use the others for canes in golfing neighborhoods 0MG another stroke of rocket science on Sellout Woot - I may need a glycerine tab - my heart - my heart

I would go for the blade-style putter.
Too bad it’s a lefty, tho.

I was wondering if these would show up on woot! again. I was looking at one of these Wilson Harmonized putters in a local Big 5 store just the other day. (It was on “sale” for $24.99 + tax there.)

I’m tempted to get one just to try it out. The one I was looking at in the store seemed OK, but it was a mallet type and I don’t really like those. If only the blade putter was available in right handed.

Are these PGA tournament-approved?

2010 versions are between $30 and $40 on Amazon. I don’t know what season these are from. But they’re putters, how much can the tech change in 2-3 years? In for one 740, as an experiment. I like the mallet style, personally.

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Elin’s in for three. Might need for her next hubby.

Hmm… here’s my conundrum. If I go and buy a couple of these putters, I’ll be forced to go and buy a whole new set of clubs. Granted, my current set is from when I was twelve or fifteen or so, so they’re rather on the short side… but I just don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of commitment, woot…

Got the 402 for myself when it was last on Woot, and it actually improved my game (on Maryland’s longest par 70 mini golf course :wink: )
In for the 401, and 403 this time!

Putters - you can never have too many putters! The NJ countryside is littered with putters that have failed me … a few lake bottoms, too.

EVERYTHING you need to know about Wilson

How come the server is down!!! :slight_smile:

I bought the blade style, right hand several months ago from Academy. I really like it. I love the grip, much more than the thinner grips that they put standard on high dollar putters. At $9.99, I may buy the lefty version and teach myself to putt lefty over the winter. I’ve done it a couple of times with a friends putter (swings right, putts left), and I liked the fact that it helped me to be more consistent.

I got two of them. I hope they have a set of irons and then woods in the future so I can finally replace all of my crappy clubs!

If nothing else, office putting should work fine.

Maybe it was late, or I was drunk, or something, but last time my dad got a belated Father’s Day present because I mistakenly bought a left-hander for myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

This time Woot seems to be more clear about handedness. Which is good, because I really wanted the 742 to replace a mallet-style putter I have, but it’s a lefty too, so… Yeah. Saved myself a few dollars this time.

Hopefully next time Woot’ll have something similar to the 742 in a righty. Keeping my fingers crossed. :slight_smile: