Wilson Harmonized Putter

so many putters!

Guess I’ll putter off to lunch now.

yay…golf junk…

They sing in harmony?

Wilson !!! Wilson !!! Where’s Wilson? Noooooo, not Wilson !!!

are these any good? getting as a gift…

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Hrmph. Golf. I’d rather watch paint dry.

these are really moving - like molasses

Are they any good?

Product Website

Just noticed this woot fits my avatar very nicely… To bad I’m not as good as him.

Are these good for putting at night?

In for a 403.

from the description:

should that be “Satiini”?

Ahhhhhh Wilson…um, yeah.

Lunch time!

I jumped in on 402.

Compared to an Odyssey? No.

Compared to a tree branch? That’s open for debate.