Wilson Harmonized Putters

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Darn… I am looking for a “belly putter” and my eyes peaked when I saw these, but I see all these are all standard 35" putters. Oh well, eBay it is!

From where to where are the measurements taken for length?

straight along the shaft to the face of the club or to the furthest point on the putter?

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These are going for $29.95 plus shipping from The Golf Warehouse. Seems like a good deal if you need a putter.


I need a putter - now how to choose?

Wow! That is a lot of choices! That’s certainly the most options I’ve ever seen given for an item on sale here.

I seem to recall there being several options for golf bags a while back. Love mine!!

What I want to know is this…

Wootbot, why haven’t you bought anything off of the woot sites? You too good for Woots?

This woot had a lot of options because each putter had different lengths to choose from and either left or right handedness. (I assume you were talking about this many options on woot! in general, not just sellout.woot!)

I bought one of these (742) from Academy this week for $24.99. If this rain lets up before 1:00, I’ll let you know how it does.

Measurement is actual height… imagine that you take the putter to your doctor’s office and they measure from the ground up to the top of the grip/shaft.

I shall be King of the Putt Putt course!

Serious question though, at 6’2" are these the correct length for me?

I’m 6’4" and use a 35" putter. It’s all about how straight you stand while putting though. I would imagine that you would be fine though.

“uh oh…here comes the putter throw!”

I’m only 6’0, but I grip down a bit on my putter and it’s still perfect for my stance. Even if you typically stand slightly higher or lower it’s not a huge change to adjust.

In for a 459. I wanted a little weight in the back, but not so much that momentum overswings. I was so tempted to try the K Square because I think it would be EXTREMELY easy to keep square through the putt but…I chickened.

I’d love to buy my dad one for fathers day, but how the heck am I supposed to pick one?

I’m so tempted but you kinda got to give it a few swings, but $20 is pretty cheap…ugh conflict how I loathe it.