Wilson ProStaff Tour Complete Set

Got these last time. Great starter set.

How many clubs in the set? The big pic show more clubs than the desription.

You get what you see in the picture. For some reason, Wilson didn’t list all the clubs in their specs.

Can I get these clubs lefty?

Sorry, we were only able to get right-handed clubs on this deal.

Bummer, this would be a great lefty starter set. :frowning:

Two day shipping was not available… I hope mine makes it here by Christmas!

Yeah, expedited shipping isn’t available for all items but this is tagged that it’s supposed to make it by Christmas.

Excellent! Fingers crossed!! Thank you!

wasnt this 150 or so last time? and is there a woman’s set?

Nope, same price as last time Dec. 4th.

Dec 4, 2012 12:01 AM


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Putt It There: Wilson ProStaff Clubs
$179.99 + $5 Standard OR $22 Two-Day OR $25 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

There was a woman’s set, it may have sold out already from the previous woot.

Last time it was $200/180…don’t think it ever was 150…

Thunder Thighs, I would’t even consider buying without all the clubs being listed individually. Is somebody afraid to edit the copy?

Already bought, but I forgot to ask. metal or graphite shafts on the irons?

According to Amazon.com (were they are offered for $400), the shafts on the irons are steel.

Question. Does this come with the bag also? and do you know what size man this would be good for? My husband is 6’, woudl this be a good size for him?

Yes this comes with the bag. It’s the right size for someone 6’; I’m 6’1" and use standard size clubs. Which these are. I don’t own these but have owned Wilson clubs in the past, and wouldn’t hesitate buying them for someone as a good starter set. In fact I called 3 people last time these clubs were here and let them know what a good deal Woot had. A dozen golf balls and a bag of tees and he’s good to go.

Wilson ProStaff Tour Complete Set - New

Today’s Woot Price = $179.99 + $5 Shipping

*Woot = $40.01 Less than closest dealer found below as Budget Golf has 10% ending today. After today their regular price goes back to, $249.96 = $64.97 more than today’s Woot.

AlsSports = $281.25 + Ships Free

ebay = $299.99 + $24.95 Shipping

Budget Golf = $249.96 + Ships Free with following exception, *10% off sale ending today, 12/16 using coupon code:JIMGLEBELLS at checkout today only price + $225.00 + Ships Free

All prices and dealers found using a random Google search. Your own search may find differing and/or lower prices.

These guys also have a 10% coupon and no tax, bringing the total to $225. So its just an OK deal on Woot today.

I’m on the fence so I’m glad there is another option available in case these sell out before I decide.

Does anyone own these clubs? Any comments on them? I would consider myself a beginner, even though I golfed quite a bit as a teenager (20 yrs ago). Do you think this would be a good place to start to get myself back into the “swing” of things? Also, I’m 6’1", these should be close to the proper length, right?!?