Win t-shirts and Threadless Gift Certificates! New tee Community


I can’t seem to find any rules to know if this is ok to post or not, but I have created a new forum basically for everyone who loves t-shirts! Even has a shirt.woot subforum for you diehard shirt.woot fans.

It’s being launched with a massive competition where there’s 13 shirts $100 in threadless gift certificates and more!

Come hang out with us and try and win some tees!

Heh looks pretty interesting, thanks for the link!

That ‘logo’ would typically bother me… but there’s just something so disarming about a shirt with a wagging tongue

Out of interest what would bother you about it?

Well, the eyes and the entire face as a whole are rather forced. T-shirts are rarely shaped so strangely

But it is rather creative; I can appreciate that!

Is this spamming the boards with an attempt at placing a free advertisement?

Because it sort of looks like that.

But it doesn’t look like this guy stands to profit, so this may end my streak of posting comments only to see the whole topic disappear later…

Erm I guess in some ways you could take it as that I just thought people might be interested and no there is no profit for me.

I did try to find rules as to whether it was ok but I couldn’t apologies if it is an issue.

Less than 3 hours to go if you want to enter guys.

entering guys is not really my thing.

edit: “not that there’s anything wrong with that”