Winchester Large 2 Blade Stockman Knife

I’m sick of this name licensing thing. How many real brands are left in this country?

It is NOT a lock blade…
Walmart sells these for $5 bucks

According to the specs page:
“…giving you the quality you would expect from this Winchester Knife made by Gerber.” so I would guess that this would fall into the latter category.

Buyer looked at the sample. There is no locking mechanism.

Country of Origin: China

Anyone who confuses this with a lockback shouldn’t be allowed to play with knives.


Similarly sized, American made (or so stated) Old Timer for sale for $13 on Amazon. That was the knife we carried around back a few decades ago… can’t vouch for the blade steel these days.
With Prime, that’s about the same price as this one.

Linkage for before mentioned Old Timer Knife on Amazon

Since this one is made in China, maybe the handle is tiger bone, or panda bone, or shark-fin bone. OK, I made that last one up.

Bingo! Before I saw your comment, this is EXACTLY what I had wanted to say. Anyone who glanced at this knife and questioned whether or not it had a “locking” mechanism should most definitely stick to kitchen knives.

But I’m amazed and perplexed that someone working for woot as a “buyer” actually had to “look at the sample” to verify that there is no locking mechanism. Scary…

A carbon steel Opinel would be a much better choice for most, and at a similar price using Prime.

Nice! (But be careful; these kinds of truly useful comments will NOT enable you to get “quality post” recognition around here.)

are you going to eat the handle?

Pretty sure it is some kind of lead or mercury infused polymer by-product left over from making Tonka trucks and Barbie dolls and not real bone.

for that kind of money it is NOT a real bone handle…you won’t find bone on a knife under $40 even from china- probably a lot more than that actually. FWIW the one real bone handle knife I have is over 50 years old - was handed down from my dad who earned it in Boy Scouts… the bone color is much darker brown with a translucent quality to the ripples, and is a Case IRRC.

I’ll pass as I have plenty of pocket knives… a couple of this style and one or two china winchesters. What I have are decent for the cost. They hold a good edge for a while.